Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Selling a home fast in Rhode Island

Selling a home fast in Rhode Island 

By Emilio DiSpirito Licensed Rhode Island Realtor

Homes that sell in the first 2 weeks on market sell at or above list price on average! This is a fact!!
So.. In order to take advantage of this market and sell a home fast and highest in price, here is what the experts say you need to do! 

  1. Select the best-qualified Realtor to sell your home!! Using a Realtor to sell your home will net you 12% more than selling For Sale By Owner and will allow a true real estate professional guide you through the process while you worry about where you are going and packing! 
    1. Learn how to find the best Realtor to sell your RI home
  2. Make sure to prepare your home properly!! 
    1. Pre-List Home Inspections are vital!! Fixing the red flags and items like peeling paint, busted heating system, mold or leaking pipes will allow buyers in various programs to obtain financing and will increase your bottom line. 
    2. Declutter, depersonalize and stage your home in order to sell it!! Buyers can't see past all your "stuff"!! Show off the room space at its biggest and best by taking the advice of a professional!
  3. Understand the market we are in today! Make sure you are educated so that you are making informed decisions! 
  4. Price your home to sell. Don't list your home to sit! 
    1. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes that are priced too high for this market will sit for 17 weeks or longer and will sell at 93% of what you could have got!! 
      1. Watch 3 Reasons that will allow your home to sell for LESS (avoid these)! 
    2. Going with the Realtor who "gives you the highest price" without any REAL market data to support that advice is a trap!! 
      1. Sometimes sellers throw a price out to leave room for "negotiations"; would you rather set yourself up to have 2 to 3 buyers offer their highest and best or would you rather sit and wait for the phantom buyer to only lower your sale price months in when the hype of your home is gone?
        1. If you are 100% stuck on not taking professional advice and doing it your way, go with the best-qualified agent and ask them to list at that price. Make sure to have a strategy in place to adjust the price after the first two weeks if the home has not gone pending or received high volumes of traffic. 
        2. How emotions limit your success when selling a home
    3. KEY TAKEAWAY! Remember the first 2 weeks are the best time to net the most!! All the traffic comes in this time period!! 

For any additional advice on selling a RI or MA property, contact Emilio DiSpirito 401-359-2338 or email emiliodiv@gmail.com to set a consultation.

Or visit www.MyDreamHomeNow.com/sell for more information.

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