Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Should I list and sell my home during the holidays?

Should I list and sell my home during the holidays?

By Emilio DiSpirito Top Rhode Island Listing Agent - Click here to ask Emilio questions about real estate.


To learn why, please continue reading.

  • Extreme Sellers Market Conditions: The Demand to buy real estate is higher than ever in Rhode Island - Most homes sold since 1986!
  • Median home price in Rhode Island is up nearly 10% over last year!
  • Most Homes Sold since 1986
  • approx 8% More homes sold MTD over 2015
  • Mortgage rates overly favorable with many 30 year fixed rates under 4% 
  • Current Real Estate Inventory in Rhode Island is 3282 Homes on the market. 53% LESS homes on the market today then we should have!! Healthy housing inventory in Rhode Island is 7,000 homes on the market. 
  • 1745 Pending homes!! 
  • Only a 4.5 month supply of real estate - Basically if we sold every home in Rhode Island in the next 4.5 months, there would not be any other homes to sell. 
  • Average home selling in about 73 Days on Market
What is a sellers market?

  • More demand than supply
  • Buyers have less homes to select from, they have less negotiating power
  • Mortgage rates at all-time fixed lows
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